International News

Billon issued with new FCA e-money licence

Reading Time: 4 minutes Following FCA re-registration Billon’s procedures and regulations are now PSD II-compliant. Billon Financial Ltd., the subsidiary of Billon Group  – the company that civilized blockchain to build business solutions for real money … Read More

International News

Blockchain-Based Payments Provider Billon Receives UK e-Money Registration

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Billon’s FCA registration will help prove that you can encrypt everyday currencies without the need for an alternative cryptocurrency. “Billon Financial, a subsidiary of Billon Group, today announced that following the successful … Read More

International News

Billon completes live blockchain payouts in the UK

Reading Time: 3 minutes Billon as the first company in the world successfully delivered payouts with digital money using regulated currency. The company provided funds to 100 participants in the UK in a market research programme … Read More