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Billon Group
Billon Group15 hours ago

📃 Send, Store, Sign, Share & Verify documents on #DLT!

Billon's high performance...

Billon16 hours ago
📃 Send, Store, Sign, Share & Verify documents on #DLT! Billon's high performance Trusted Document Management system provides...
Billon Group
Billon Group
Billon Group2 days ago

Proud to take part in the #MakeanImpact project with our recruting partner, Bulldogjob. Together we are...

Billon2 days ago
Proud to take part in #MakeanImpact project with our recruting partner Bulldogjob. Together we take care of a hive...
Billon3 days ago
Billon Group
Billon is #5 on the list of 25 Best Polish Startups
Billon Group
Billon Group3 days ago

🏆 Did you know we are No. 5 on the list of the best Polish startups according to My...

Billon3 weeks ago
Billon Group joins forces with ERGO Hestia, the second largest insurance company in Poland, in an innovative new implementation...
Billon1 month ago
Watch Jacek Figuła, CCO of Billon Group, and Michał Sas from our Legal department discussing how CEE fintech companies...

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Wojtek Kostrzewa joins as the new CEO

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Wojtek Kostrzewa awarded with the Business Angel of the Year title

Billon signs cooperation agreement at the University of Warsaw

Billon at FIS Infocus conference, April 16-19 2019

About us

Billon civilized blockchain, creating a regulatory-compliant platform to manage money, identity and data. The platform can be used by enterprise companies to eliminate operational bureaucracy. The proprietary blockchain architecture stores data directly on-chain with no service costs.

Billon was founded in Poland in 2012. The development of its unique blockchain protocol has been supported by many R&D grants, including the EU Horizon 2020 program. In 2017 the company launched commercial operations in Poland and the United Kingdom. Billon is licensed to issue electronic money in the UK by the British regulator FCA. In November 2018, the company won the world’s largest fintech festival in Singapore, organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, showing a solution to zero-cost blockchain micropayments.

For more information, please visit www.billongroup.com

For press inquiries write at public.relations@billongroup.com


Andrzej Horoszczak
Reading Time: 3 minutes Billon’s CEO and founder Andrzej Horoszczak received the Digital Shapers award in the Visionary category as one of 50 people leading the digital revolution in Poland. Digital Shapers
Andrzej Horoszczak
Reading Time: < 1 minute Instead of cryptocurrencies we need a “civilised”blockchain technology: one that empowers users and businesses to have full, transparent control over money, data, and processeses.  “Global Banking &
Reading Time: 2 minutes Making money all-digital may be a way for governments to catch up with the digitization of the world and improve the lives of citizens. However such projects have
Andrzej Horoszczak
Reading Time: < 1 minute W magazynie CEO 3/2018 ukazała się rozmowa z prezesem i założycielem firmy Billon Andrzejem Horoszczakiem. Andrzej mówi o rozwoju i sukcesach Billona, a także o perspektywach technologii
Andrzej Horoszczak Billon
Reading Time: < 1 minute Not everyone has a bank account or works a regular job – and paying these people can be tough. But blockchain could be about to change all
Reading Time: 2 minutes Złożenie wniosku to dopiero pierwszy krok w całym złożonym procesie regulacyjnym. W przypadku przyznania licencji będziemy pierwszą tego typu firmą w Polsce, której technologia blockchain uzyska aprobatę Komisji
Marek Marczuk
Reading Time: 4 minutes Billon and Mitsui Knowledge Industry extend partnership to offer blockchain based document governance. Billon, the company that has civilized blockchain, is extending its partnership agreement with Mitsui Knowledge
The Europas
Reading Time: < 1 minute That’s right, we’ve hit the jackpot for startups at The Europas Startup Conference and Awards in London this week having won the award for Hottest Corporate Blockchain
Billon Europas winner
Reading Time: 3 minutes Billon, the technology company civilising blockchain, has won Best Corporate Blockchain Project at The Europas Startup Conference and Awards in London. The annual celebration of Europe’s brightest and
Reading Time: 2 minutes Billon has become the very first Polish company ever to feature in the annual Fintech50, a prestigious list of the most innovative and exciting European companies from the
Billon made the Tech50 list
Reading Time: 4 minutes Warsaw-headquartered blockchain technology company included alongside Europe’s top FinTech innovators. Billon, the technology company civilising blockchain, is the first Polish company to feature in the annual Fintech50, a
blockchain „next”
Reading Time: 2 minutes Blockchain to już nie tylko bitcoin i inne kryptowaluty, ale przede wszystkim technologia, która uwiarygadnia każdą zapisaną w niej informację. Jej filary – bezpieczeństwo, niezmienność zapisów i demokratyzacja